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  1. qiksx

  2. just got my car of the dyno

    im useing a 35/40pro hks turbo and promaz automotive tunes it now maztech use to im expecting 310kw@thewheels with c16 soon
  3. just got my car of the dyno

    mate if it blows it blows ive been told it should be able to hold it since i wount be driving to work and thinkgs like that but who knows mate just hope 4 the best
  4. just got my car of the dyno

    stock bottom end mate and im only useing c16 4 a dyno run and calder it will have 282kw for everyday driving ovver 300kw for track use
  5. just got my car of the dyno

    hey guys just got my car of the dyno and i was very impressed with the outcome 282KW@the wheels on 20 psi im taking it back i want to put it on the dyno with c16 and boost it more i want to see how much more i can go
  6. Mods for new S15?

    a ecu exaust cold air intake bigger intercooler and wind the boost up
  7. pioneer amps ???

    pionner is awsome i reacon bu i still like my good old alpine
  8. hey ive got one and i making 245kw of the wheels on 15 psi
  9. hey guys my 6 speed is pritty stuffed and i just got my self a s13 5 speed box they say there better than the 6 speed im getting put in soon with a new daiken racing cluth i wanted to know would the 5 speed be better 4 the quater mile would it drop my time to what i was doing in the 6 speed thanks
  10. hey guys listen my gearbox is ready to go and im looking 4 a new gearbox 4 my si15 what do u think is the best one 4 it and 1 that can handle the power ive looked at a dog box but there like 6000 are they any good get back to me thanks
  11. s15 t28bb pulling 223rwkw??

    Sorry boys very hard to belive the t28 s15 turbo is ceramic u wll be lucky to boost it to much b4 it blows there nit big anough to push 223@wheels no why